Barbara Cushnie

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Meet Barbara Cushnie (MSc Acupuncture MBAcC)

I am an Acupuncturist of the Traditional Chinese medical style of Acupucnture. Having trained at the Northern College of Acupuncture gaining both a diploma and MSc degree and I have now been practicing for 13 years.


People always ask me does it work? Well it did for me! I discovered Acupuncture in my mid 30’s because of an auto-immune arthritic illness. 


I was facing a future of worsening pain and increasingly limited mobility when I met Acupuncturist Lilla Cooper, who gave me hope and helped me, over time, reduce my symptoms dramatically.  I’m in good health nowadays and I enjoy teaching people the simple but very effective tools and wisdom Traditional Acupuncture has to offer us to look after our bodies and minds more effectively’  


I work with people of all ages and have recently taken postgraduate training to work specifically with teenagers. I find working with teenagers especially rewarding as they take their newly found wellbeing forward into their future. I am currently taking post graduate training to work with much younger children.

! also teaches Qi Gong alongside my Acupuncture practice. Qi Gong is a bit like Tai Qi and is an ancient form of Martial Arts which is also used for internal health and wellbeing.  It is an aspect of Chinese Medicine which complements Acupuncture perfectly as it can provide simple exercises for the body and mind to help restore and maintain health. I've been training for the past 8 years with the UkTaiQiFoundation and can teach you simple Qi Gong excercises to support your recovery. 


‘Thank you so much for all your help and kindness to me – in putting me back on track when I came to you in such a state! I have really enjoyed my relaxing sessions with you’. (Jill)