Advanced Clinical Massage & MFR


What is Advanced Clinical Massage & Myofascial Release?

Advanced Clinical Massage combines Eastern and Western techniques and philosophies.

The treatment is tailored to your needs and will benefit you if you want,


  • Relief from acute or chronic pain

  • Improved mobility

  • Relief from stiffness

  • Injury prevention

  • Faster rehabilitation from injury or surgery

  • To reduce anxiety and de-stress


As part of your clinical massage, your practitioner may also introduce hot and cold stone therapy, Mysofascial release, trigger point and acupressure point therapy, craniosacral techniques, soft tissue release, stretching techniques and self-help strategies.


What is myofascial release? (MFR)


Myo - muscle

Fascia - the fibrous soft tissue component of the connective tissue in the body that holds us together

Release - to let go, ease pressure


Normal healthy fascia will allow full pain-free movement but if this becomes restricted, often due to injury, repetitive movement, postural imbalances or emotional trauma, then this can lead to restriction of movement and pain.


Using different hands on techniques such as cross hand stretches, skin rolling and arm and leg pulls, the fascia can be released.


What can I expect from a treatment?


Your clinical massage therapist will begin with a health consultation and may guide you through a series of movements to test your range of movement, particularly in problem areas.


You will then be allowed time to undress in private and get comfortable on the couch with a blanket before the therapist returns to begin your treatment. All treatments are tailored to your individual needs. Your therapist will begin by working over the blanket, using such techniques as rocking, mobilisation or palming.


This will usually be followed by the fascial techniques, these are done straight onto your skin, without any wax or oil. Throughout the rest of the treatment you may experience heat from the hot stones, trigger point release and treatment of individual muscles around the affected joint, stretching of affected muscles and treatment of the relevant acupressure points. 

Your range of motion will then be reassessed to see how it has changed and you will be given some self-help techniques to do at home. 

Practitioner Information

Liz Leech


Appointments available 

Mon 9.30-4pm (evenings available by prior arrangement)

Wed 9.30-4pm (evenings available by prior arrangement)

Fri 9.30-4pm



1 clinical hour (up to 50 mins treatment time) £47

1.5 clinical hours (up to 80 mins treatment time) £67


01229 586000