Lisa Spragg

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Meet Lisa

I have been interested in movement for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved climbing trees, leaping over the garden gate and doing handstands and cartwheels.

I often wondered “what happens to people as they grow up and why do they stop doing these things?”


I worked for many years as a fitness instructor in a gym but suffered regularly with back pain. I was confused that even though I trained hard it didn’t seem to stop my pain striking at any time.

Trying to solve the mystery of my own pain, knowing instinctively that training the deeper muscles and moving in diverse and rich ways was somehow key to this I trained in Body Control Pilates under Lynn Robinson. She really brought Pilates out of the realm of dancers, actors and sportsmen/women and into the living room of anyone curious. I qualified in 1999.


With 20 years experience as a Body Control Pilates teacher I continue regular training and updating of my skills as part of my code of practice.


I am also inspired by other methods of movement particularly Feldenkrais (named after the inventor of the method Moshe Feldenkrais). The movements practised through this method are centred around how the body evolves and develops, restoring creatively, our lost ability of a three dimensional approach to movement. 


I want to help you become aware of how you move, where there is restricted movement and where there is over use. Through guided and focussed movement you can learn to restore and enjoy a renewed mobility and to care for yourself.


This can be really empowering.


My belief is that exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore. It can be enjoyable, mindful, playful and liberating.


I’m a certified Back4Good practitioner and Essentials Somatics coach. I have also studied further in Breast Cancer rehabilitation and pre and post hip replacement.

Whatever it takes to unravel and restore your movement potential is the goal. We may use multiple methods: Somatics, therapy ball soft tissue release, Franklin method, Pilates and Feldenkrais.

I look forward to passing on this approach to you.

Lisa Spragg

P.S I still climb trees.


5 years ago, I broke my shoulder in a couple of places and on the advice of my physio I became a client of Lisa’s. With determination and a combination of physio and pilates, my recovery based on an impressive range of movements amazed the doctor at the fracture clinic. 

I have remained a private client as well as attending Lisa’s group classes. Having had polio as a child I previously had a fear of becoming stiff and less mobile eventually finishing my days sitting in a chair…. not now! Increased body awareness and a knowledge of gentle effective movements have resulted in improved posture, increased core strength and much improved mobility - how happy am I.