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Changes to Keep You Safe

Updated: Jul 22, 2020


We’ve had to make some changes while we’ve been closed to keep us all safe, so things may look and work a little differently, but we will endeavour to make your visit as beneficial and as pleasant as we can.

How you can help.

We’re asking all of our clients to make a few changes to help keep us all safe.

Before your appointment please:

  • Read and complete the screening and consent form sent to you by your practitioner.

  • Do let us know if you or anyone in your household is considered vulnerable or extremely vulnerable. Your practitioner may be able to offer online or telephone support if it’s not safe to see you in person.

  • Do cancel if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating or displaying symptoms. There will be no charge for Covid-19 related cancellations.

  • Do attend your appointment alone unless you require assistance or need a chaperone.

  • Consider paying your practitioner electronically instead of using cash.

  • Consider showering and wearing clean clothes, if possible.

  • Come straight to your appointment without running any errands or visiting any shops, if possible.

  • Bring as few personal belongings as possible.

  • But please do bring your own water bottle.

When you arrive for your appointment please:

  • Do arrive on time, not early. The reception area is closed for now and the front door will be locked.

  • Please wait outside the practice, practising social distancing (use the alley way, if it is raining). Your practitioner will come to meet you and open all doors for you.

  • Use the hand sanitiser to clean your hands or wash them in the sinks available and for your safety, do the same as you leave.

  • Avoid unnecessary contact with anything in the building.

  • Where possible keep socially distant from your practitioner and other people in the building.

  • Avoid using the toilet, if possible.

  • If you do use the toilet please close the lid before you flush.

Things we are doing to help and to keep you safe:

  • Carrying out a full Covid-19 risk assessment and sharing it with everyone who works here.

  • Following all the guidance on cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures.

  • Your practitioner may offer to do a virtual consultation with you before your visit, if not please maintain social distancing measures during the consultation.

  • Providing lidded plastic boxes in the treatment rooms for you to put your clothes and personal belongings in.

  • Wearing PPE where necessary and asking you to wear a mask where necessary too.

  • Either not using linens on the couch or changing them after each person.

  • Thoroughly cleaning the treatment space and all surfaces between clients.

  • Cancelling all our appointments if we or any member of our family are unwell with Covid-19 symptoms or other contagious illnesses.

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